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Communal tourism is still in the fledgling stages. However, an increasing number of indigenous people are starting to take fate into their own hands by actively participating in the tourism industry. One such example is the Ongula Traditional Homestead Lodge near Ohangwena.

Built within the boundaries of an active homestead, Ongula is the first lodge in Namibia to introduce visitors to the authentic, traditional lifestyle of the Ovambo—the largest cultural group in the country. Stopping over at Ongula is a definite “must” when traveling the area north of Etosha National Park.

double room

Double Room

A private suite with twin beds and hassle-free facilities for a relaxed stay.

Family Room

Decorated for hosting families, it includes twin beds and double beds for a comfortable stay.



We provide unique campsite stays, which can host a max of ten people.


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Tea/Coffee Station

Mosquito Nets

Gauze Sliding Doors






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Pottery Chambers


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